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2016 - Football


As part of the football program at Corpus Christi Academy, tackle and flag football are offered. Please look for information about registration on our website or emails sent out by the school.

  • Boys Tackle Football - Proudly offers boys tackle football for grades 4 through 8.

  • Boys & Girls Flag Football - Proudly offers boys and girls flag football for grades 1 through 3.





Meet the CCA Football Commissioner

Dennis Gibbons

Dennis Gibbons is the Corpus Christi Academy Football Commissioner. He can be reached at for any question related to the football program.



Mission Statement and Code of Conduct

The football program at Corpus Christi Academy will be a part of the educational process for our student athletes. In addition to learning the fundamental skills of playing football on the CYO level, our players will be taught the values associated with being a good citizen, a good student, and a good teammate. Our coaches will strive to instill qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, competitive zeal and the drive for academic and athletic excellence into our athletes. These values will form the athletes into lifetime learners in the classroom and on the field, and develop them spiritually into men of character and Godliness.


Boys Tackle Football Coaches 

Grade 8 - Coach Madda,  Corpus Christi

Grade 7 - Coach Capoletti,  St Paschal Baylon

Grade 6 - Coach Sargi,  St Francis of Assisi

Grade 5 - Coach Rottinghaus,  St Francis of Assisi

Grade 4 - Coach Norton,  St Francis of Assisi


Boys Tackle Football Schedules

8th Grade CYO Football Schedule (Madda)

7th Grade CYO Football Schedule (Jevnikar)

6th Grade CYO Football Schedule (Sargi)

5th Grade CYO Football Schedule (Rottinghaus)

4th Grade CYO Football Schedule (Norton)

CCA Football Adopts Heads Up Football

CCA football achieved FULL ADOPTION of Heads Up Football on September 1, 2015. This commitment is one of the first steps in making the game better and safer for our athletes.

CCA Uniform Code

Uniforms will be distributed at the beginning of each season. Uniforms are to be returned washed and in the same condition they went out to the sponsoring schools. Please return them at the end of the season. Dirty uniforms will not be accepted for return. A uniform deposit of $100 made out to CCA Boosters is required. The check will be cashed in the event the uniform is damaged or not returned. The amount charged for the damaged uniform will be at the discretion of the Athletic Director. Uniforms will be handed out and collected by the host school but uniform deposits should be made out to Corpus Christi Academy Booster Club.

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