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Come and discover why saint clare is more than just another catholic school


2015 Saint Clare Drop-in Days

Friday, march 27

Monday, April 20

Monday, April 27

9:00-11:30 a.m.


Register to see Saint Clare School during our Drop-In Day.

We invite you to get to know us better and to see if we are a fit for your family.  Parents can tour the school while children observe classes in session. 

Call the school office to set an appointment for Drop-in Day 

(440) 449-4242


Saint Clare School is dedicated to educating and inspiring the heart and mind of each child, providing a learning environment that encourages students to reach their full potential.  Devoted to delivering a challenging curriculum fostering today’s Catholic values, Saint Clare students are learning at a grade level (or two) ahead of children at other schools and becoming leaders both inside the classroom and beyond.

Here are just some of the benefits to a Saint Clare education:

Act Your Age.  We want kids to act their age at Saint Clare.  Here, spontaneous laughter is welcome; wide-eyed wonder is encouraged; childhood innocence is cherished; and missteps and mistakes are embraced as fundamental ingredients of learning.

Become a More Complete Person.  We are more than just another Catholic school.  Even as your student builds a personal relationship with God, they are learning at a grade level (or two) ahead of children at other schools, mastering technology, practicing collaboration, expressing compassion, demonstrating humility, and thinking independently.  At Saint Clare, your child becomes a more complete person.

Be the Best You.  Ever-accessible to Saint Clare parents, our forward-thinking teachers know your child, from the shy little boy he is today to the pioneering young woman she will be tomorrow.  We see the best in him or her, and we work tirelessly until they achieve their unique potential and then some.

Do the Right Thing.  Because guardian angels sometimes take a day off, we intentionally arm each of our students with the faith and character to make better decisions when faced with life-altering choices, no matter the pressure from friends or the very human desire to be accepted or liked.

Meet Parents Who Care Like You Do.  We are stay-at-home mothers, front-line nurses, and been-there-done-that entrepreneurs.  We are locals and we are transplants.  Yet despite our different careers and backgrounds, we are unified in our high expectations for this school and our active participation in its growth.  Welcome to our school family.

Shine in High School.  Saint Clare students not only go to the high school of their choice, but they stand out once they get there.  Responsible, accountable and equipped with advanced study skills, our students are often leaders among their private and public high school peers, both inside the classroom and beyond it.

Think for Yourself.  Beginning in the earliest grade levels, we methodically cultivate critical and independent thinking skills within your child, because knowing how to think in today’s world is far more essential to their success than knowing what to think.

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For more information please call 440-449-4242, extension 102

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