Dig It Volleyball Tournament
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DIG IT Volleyball Tournament

September 12, 2016 - October 6, 2016



Tournament Schedule & Scores




as of 10/6/16


Congratulations to our 5th, 6th and 7th grade Champions! 5th grade champions SJV-Morgan, 6th grade champions Gesu-Bayhurst, 7th grade champions Gesu-Schwenz. 

Our 8th grade CCA team raised over $1000 to benefit Harvest for Hunger through their ticket raffle during the tournament. Congrats to Sharon Perry, the 8th grade St. Paschal Baylon Coach for winning the TV. Other gift cards were won as prizes as well.  Thank you for helping support this great fundraiser.  

Thanks again to all the teams for your support and a great tournament!

If you have any team photos from the tournament please send pictures to Maria Prevesk. She has a few she has taken and once cleared by each team we will be posting them here. 

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We appreciate all of the help from the many volunteers that helped make this a successful event! Thank you for signing up using the SignUp app to volunteer for the Dig It Volleyball Tournament. Concession Stand Volunteers and Scoreboard Volunteers were all a big part of the tournament. Thank you for supporting your school sports programs. 


Tournament Bracket Winners


8th Grade Dig It Champions

Saint John Vianney 


Saint John Vianney earned the 8th Grade Dig It Volleyball Championship Title with a victory over St. Mary Chardon in the 7:00pm game on 10/3/2016.  

8th grade Semi Finals: 
Date & Time: October 3, 2016 6:00pm 
St. Mary Chardon-McCauley - W   vs.   CCA-Mimi - L





Gesu earned the 7th Grade Dig It Volleyball Championship Title with a victory over Saint Paschal in the 8:00pm game on 10/6/2016. 




Gesu earned the 6th Grade Dig It Volleyball Championship Title with a victory over Mater Dei in the 7:00pm game on 10/6/2016.


Saint John Vianney


Saint John Vianney earned the 5th Grade Dig It Volleyball Championship Title with a victory over Gesu in the 5:00pm game on 10/6/2016.



AS OF 10/6/2016

5th grade Championship: 
SJV - Morgan - W   vs.   Gesu-Ottaway - L
Date & Time: October 6, 2016 6:00pm
Pool 1 W L Pool 2 W L
CCA-Prevesk 1 2     Mater Dei-Condon 2
Gesu -Salata 2 1     Gesu -Ottaway 2
OLL-Malinowski 0 3     SJV -Morgan 2
6th grade Championship: 
 Gesu-Bayhurst  - W   vs.   Mater Dei-Morbeto - L
Date & Time: October 6, 2016 7:00pm
Pool 1  W L Pool 2 W L
CCA -Hanratty 2 1     SFA -Lueckel 1 2
SJV - Cason 0 3     Gesu-Bayhurst 3 0
Gesu-Sommerfeld 1 2     Mater Dei -Morbeto 2 1
7th grade Championship: 
 Gesu-Schwenz - W   vs.   St. Paschal-Perry - L
Date & Time: October 6, 2016 8:00pm
Pool 1 W L Pool 2 W L
CCA-Monaco 1 2     CCA-Kuster 0 3
Gesu -Schwenz 3 0     Gesu -White 1 2
St. Paschal -Perry 2 1     St. Anselm -Rose   2 1

Registration Closed

Hosting all 5th through 8th grade girls volleyball teams! The inaugural Corpus Christi Academy Dig It Volleyball Tournament starts September 12, 2016 and runs through October 6, 2016

Held in a fantastic venue, the girls are destined to have a memorable tournament experience. Game times are conveniently scheduled in the evenings and most games scheduled Monday thru Friday, this is a fantastic tournament to be involved with. Only $175 guarantees you three games and T-shirts for all players and coaches. Semi Finals for all divisions with 1st and 2nd place trophies!

Call or e-mail with questions to Maria Prevesk

Phone: (440) 533-5756

E-mail: prevesk@yahoo.com



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